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Getting to Drake Bay

Important Information

We always ask our guests for an approximate time of arrival and the means of transport in which they come to be able to give recommendations.
If you come by boat we will pick you up on the beach to help with luggage.


About the Tours

The tour to the Corcovado National Park and the Snorkel in El Caño Island must be reserved in advance, as there are limited tickets per day. It is very difficult to get tickets at short notice, especially in the high season.
To guarantee the reservation, the following information is needed: full name of the client, nationality and passport number.
In addition, a deposit of approximately 50% at the time of making the reservation, this deposit is non-refundable and no exchange is allowed. So we ask you to say the exact dates and make the reservation when you are completely sure.
For the other tours there are more flexible policies and it is easier to find spaces


Is there a bank in Drake Bay, can I pay with card?

We are in a remote area where there are no banks or ATM, so if you want to save a little money, we recommend you bring sufficient cash.
At the hotel we charge 5% commission for paying with cards.
Most businesses charge 13% commission.


Is a 4x4 car necessary to get there?

If you are looking for a trip full of adventure and touring Costa Rica by car, we always recommend doing it in a 4x4 because Drake Bay is in a remote area and parts of the road are not paved, you also have to cross some rivers that grow during the season.
In addition to having our spectacular views at the hotel, we must first climb a slightly steep hill that only a 4x4 car can climb or we recommend parking below.

Parking in Sierpe

Go to the Hotel Oleaje Sereno, ask for Don Jorge and he has a secured parking from $6 dollars per dar. The boats leave from that restaurant, so you won't have to move.


What to bring to your trip to Costa Rica?

Camera, chargers, flashlight, binoculars, electrical adapter, portable batteries, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, sunglasses, short-sleeved shirts or rashguard, shorts, swimsuit, sandals, water bottle (not plastic), raincoat, socks, hiking boots and light long pants if you want to protect your legs from insects.
For rainy days, we always recommend bringing a large plastic bag to store wet clothes and a small one to protect your cell phone and camera from the rain.


Are there restaurants an markets in Drake Bay?

There are different sodas in the area as well as restaurants that offer fish, typical food, Italian food and fast food.

If you prefer to cook your own food or buy snacks to spend the afternoon there are also mini markets and grocery stores to buy different foods, sweets, drinks and ingredients.


Electricity and Wi-fi

Although it is a remote area we have electricity throughout the day and a wifi of up to 10 megabytes.
Just consider that we are in the middle of the jungle and sometimes we have momentary cuts due to heavy rains or the fallen trees.


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